Metallica Replace Metallica Cover Band’s Stolen Gear

Great work by Metallica!

Metallica Replace Metallica Cover Band’s Stolen Gear

Metallica got into the community spirit recently, replacing gear stolen from a Metallica cover band.

The band, Blistered Earth, had a laundry list of stuff nicked from a trailer when they were in Portland, Oregon for a show.

Blistered Earth publicised the theft of their gear on their Facebook page (it’s an impressive amount):


The four horsemen of Metallica got wind of the situation, and within a day the band had contacted Blistered Earth and offered to replace every single stolen piece of equipment.

"It's pretty cool that [Metallica] decided to do that. It's a pretty nice gesture," drummer Shawn Murphy told The Oregonian

"I just want to give a big thank-you from everybody in the band to the people of Portland. Everybody was just unbelievably cool and supportive.

"It was just awesome how everybody was standing out here and trying to help. It wasn't like, the thing of the day to chime in about on Facebook. People were legitimately trying to help.”

Here’s an old video of Blistered Earth playing Master of Puppets in 2014: