What A Belter! Green Day Open Their Aussie Tour In Perth With A Bang Bang!

Don't be an Aussie Idiot. See this show

What A Belter! Green Day Open Their Aussie Tour In Perth With A Bang Bang!

Image Source: Green Day Facebook

What a belter!

There’s no other way to describe the opening night of Green Day’s Revolution Radio tour in Perth, at Perth Arena.

A belter!

How else could you describe a show that was all rock, part comedy, part drama, part firework display, part political and part cabaret. We’re not even joking.

Firstly, the support act… The Interrupters are a 4 piece ska-punk band from LA that are a match made in heaven with Green Day.

It’s well worth getting there early to catch them. The Green Day faithful in Perth really dug them, and that’s hard to do as a support act.

When the house music went a couple of DB louder and Bohemian Rhapsody came on the PA, you knew they were close.

When a large, seemingly drunk, giant bunny mascot came on stage to do a little dance, yep, this was it.

When Billie Joe Armstrong streams on to the stage and yells “Australia” at the top of his voice into the mike, yep, Green Day were in the house.

The next two or so hours became one big party. Billie Joe was on.

Let me reiterate that… Billie Joe was ON! He implored everyone to get off their seats and get into the show.

Get off your seats! This isn’t a tea party!

- Bille Joe Armstrong


Of course, it’s Green Day so the hits came thick and fast. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams was the first big singalong of the night, and it wouldn’t be the last. Longview, When I Come Around, She, Basket Case… I don’t need to go on, they were all there.

In actual fact, something that was a little different was Billie Joe’s insistence on getting punters on stage to help sing a verse or a chorus here or there. Creating genuine life long memories for these lucky punters.

Everyone chosen to come on stage hugged Billie Joe like he was their mum… definite love. One dude did the most awesome stage dive on Billie Joe’s insistence, and when he got a young girl called Sade up to play three chords on-stage, and then GAVE her the guitar, well, you couldn’t have scripted it any better. Smooth Operator indeed.

An impromptu “Aussie Aussie Aussie (Oi Oi Oi)” chant almost felt inevitable, and it was to become a theme during the night. You could genuinely feel how happy Green Day were to be in Australia, maybe to escape the madness that is the American political landscape at the moment.

Indeed, almost the biggest cheer for the night came when Billie Joe yelled “F*ck you Donald Trump” during the awesome American Idiot. It almost felt like it belonged in there.

This was a genuine show. Not a concert. A show. It’s clear that Green Day have designed this to rock out and entertain at the same time, and even though you know at times that they’re taking the piss, you don’t care. It’s that good.

Without giving too much away, how else could you explain a kazoo duelling with a saxophone during a instrumental break? At a Green Day concert? You just have to see it to get it.

The band were white hot too… like next level tight. Tre is a master on the drums, and right beside him and Billie Joe was Mike. Solid as a rock!

The other three band members all did what they do, with absolute precision. It was a nice touch when they gave the stage to the Green Day three for Longview

The night ended with an insane medley, before closing out the night and the first night of this massive tour. We hate to go all Molly on you here, but do yourself a favour. See this show!


Green Day are touring the country as part of their Radio Revolution tour. Remaining dates below:

  • Wed 3 May: Adelaide Entertainment Centre
  • Fri 5 & Sat 6 May: Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne
  • Mon 8 May: Brisbane Entertainment Centre
  • Wed 10 & Thu 11 May: Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney

Tickets and info here

Written by: @dantheinternut