"How Can We Stop This? I'll Phone The Police"

Roy & HG report

"How Can We Stop This? I'll Phone The Police"

Image: @FOXSportsNews

Following news that Josh Papalii had been hit with a drink driving charge after dobbing himself in, The Sporting Probe took a look at the circumstances surrounding the incident.
"Obviously rugby league players in trouble...we feel some burden to bring these stories to the public," HG said.
"We do it in the spirit of transparency and honesty, so the NRL can bump off these problems it sets itself and return to a golden future.

"In an incident that is described by the Murdoch press as leaving the police and the magistrate perplexed, Canberra Raiders and QLD State of Origin forward Josh Papalii said he rang the triple 0 number and reported that he was driving drunk on the wrong side of the road to prove a point.

"It's a fascinating story, but the thing I don't get is what point he was trying to prove?"

"It's a parallel universe story, and I've often said that rugby league exists in a parallel universe," Roy said.

"He must have seen himself as a rugby league player driving on the wrong side of the road and thought 'that's a dumb thing to do, how can we stop this? I'll phone the police'."

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