Sterlo On Matt Moylan's Origin Chances

Blues call-up?

Sterlo On Matt Moylan's Origin Chances

Image: @matt_moylan_

Speaking about the City Country clash, Sterlo said that it's disappointing that something that's been a part of our game for so long will go out with such a whimper.

When asked if Matt Moylan was any chance of playing at five-eighth, Sterlo said that he wasn't really in contention.

"It's unlikely," Sterlo said onĀ Dead Set Legends.

"I sat down with Laurie a month ago and we put together a list of what we thought was the side, and it's changed a lot over the last four weeks.

"And it will probably change a lot over the next four weeks.

"The one thing I have found is that you can't get too excited too early because it can change on a daily basis."